Full Circle

289 days is a long time. It takes less time to grow a baby from scratch. It’s a lot more than the days in in a school year. I spent 289 days away from my work in the emergency department. But thankfully, as of this week, I get to stop counting!

’tis the season for back to school pictures, so I had Ben shoot my back to work picture.

I had a great appointment with my surgeon last week. Not only did he give me the clearance to return to full-duty, but he said these magical words: “The patients who are doing as well as you at 5 months out are the ones who have great outcomes 5 years out.” What I’ve been waiting to hear! Work was an important step, but more important to me was how this injury would impact my life down the road.

So, Monday August 17, 2015 was my first day back in the ED! It went really well. I’m going right back to 12 hour shifts, which is definitely a challenge. But, if there’s one thing I’ve learned while having to relearn how to walk, it’s that something that seems difficult or painful at first won’t stay that way. My second day was more of a challenge than the first, but my charge nurses are great and willing to put me in an assignment that will work for me.

So it feels like everything has come full circle. My leg is no longer holding me back. It’s not perfect, but it probably won’t ever be.

While this little journey is coming to an end, I’m not closing my blog. I still want to share things with everyone. I have less time for yummy kitchen stuff, but I still want to post yummy stuff for you.

Thanks for your support along the way! Your words and well-wishes have helped me greatly. Onward and upward now 🙂



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