Summer hiatus! And A World Blogger Award Nomination!

Well look at that. It’s August. I have terribly neglected my blog during the last couple of months, but it’s Michigan and it’s summer! I think Michigan’s finest season is summer and I’ve been busy balancing work and rehab with enjoying all there is to do this time of the year. Check the pictures for some highlights of my summer so far.

Tiger baseball! I didn't think I'd make it to a game until early fall because it's hard to sit for so long, but we celebrated the 4th of July at Comerica Park.
Tiger baseball! I didn’t think I’d make it to a game until early fall because it’s hard to sit for so long, but we celebrated the 4th of July at Comerica Park.

So, update on my leg: progress is slowing. I’m continuing to use the weight machines at the gym to strengthen my bad leg, and that’s going well. Lots of grinding in my knee joint, but it’s not painful. My biggest complaint really is the swelling in my ankle and foot after a day of sitting/standing.

 We went to a friend's wedding on the coast of Lake Michigan. The view was breathtaking!

We went to a friend’s wedding on the coast of Lake Michigan. The view was breathtaking!

With work, I plan ahead and wear compression socks (I have some great ones by a company called Sockwell that I just love!). But it creeps up on me at times I don’t realize it, and before I know it I’m sitting at a wedding with an ankle the size of a grapefruit. I just got a new compression sleeve from Meijer that has openings for the toes and the heel, so I can wear it with sandals. So far it seems pretty helpful! I’m doing seated work in a cardiology office, but I definitely feel better if I’m active. It’s hard trying to balance rest with just enough activity to keep my joint loose. Ben and I went for a 1 mile walk last week, and I was pretty proud of that. Getting the endurance back is tough.

Going into this beautiful summer season, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to enjoy very much of it because of my leg. Thankfully, that hasn’t really been the case at all! I think the only thing I would really like to do but will likely put off until next year is a tubing trip.

My next x-ray is August 12, and I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that Dr. will clear me for some short shifts in the ER!

In other news, I was nominated by Sadie at Sadie’s Nest for a World Blogger award! She just posted a killer frozen hot chocolate recipe that I can’t wait to try. Thanks for the nomination, Sadie!wpid-sisterhood-of-world-blogger-award

The Rules:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, including a link back to their site.

2. Put the award logo on your blog.

3. Answer the ten questions the blogger has sent you.

4. Create ten new questions for your nominees to answer.

5. Nominate ten people of your own. (You can notify them to make them aware)

(I only nominated five. I’m a wimp.)

The award rules:

1. What is your favorite activity (aside from blogging)?

Ben and I after the wedding. The perfect setting for a selfie.

Baking and cooking! I really like decorating cookies, and am working to get better at it. Creating something that looks too good to eat is my goal!

2. Who is your biggest blogging inspiration?

Jen @ Carlsbad Cravings. Her food photography is amazing and always makes me hungry. Her recipes are top-notch and I definitely recommend her Sweet & Sour Chicken.

3. Is there a dish you are intimidated to try to make?

Generally any meat dish that involves more than just baking is overwhelming to me. I love pulled chicken & pork, but cannot master the art of the pulling.

4. What did you eat for breakfast?

A banana and blueberry muffin I made. I subbed coconut extract for vanilla and it was delish!

5. Where is your dream destination?


6. If you had 1 more hour in a day, how would you use it?

Cleaning. I would get in the habit of cleaning 1 room a day so I never had to spend a Saturday cleaning the whole house!

7. For traveling do you prefer boat, plane, train or automobile?


8. Skiing in the Alps or bumming it on the beach?

The beach, but only because I don’t ski. I’m not much of a beach person, though.

9. Have you ever done karaoke?

Yes, but it has been a while.

10. What’s your favorite form of pampering.

Hands (or feet?) down, a pedicure. It’s the ultimate.

My first-ever Coast Guard Fest. Will definitely go back to see the spectacular fireworks show.
My first-ever Coast Guard Fest. Will definitely go back to see the spectacular fireworks show.

My nominees:

1. Jen @ Carlsbad Cravings

2. Liz @ Liz Marie Blog

3. Jessica @ How Sweet It is

4. Julia @ Lemon Stripes

5. Kate @ Kate’s Creative Space

My questions are:

1. What do you love most about the city you live in?

2. You find $20 in your coat pocket. What do you spend it on?

3. What is your go-to store for gifts?

4. Early bird or night owl?

5. Mexican or italian food?

6. Favorite Disney movie?

7. What do you look forward to most about fall?

8. What’s the one thing on your to-do list that you’re procrastinating?

9. Name one state that you haven’t visited yet but want to.

10. What do you love most about blogging?

The next few weeks are busy again with tons of fun stuff, but I’ll try to post a recipe for a yummy cucumber and tomato salad I made for dinner tonight.



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