The (temporary) new normal

You know, I can’t remember what it feels like to walk down the stairs like a normal person. It’s been 7 months since I first hurt my knee, and I don’t remember what it felt like to not have a bad leg.

But, the exciting news is that I think I’m going to remember someday soon.

I saw my doctor today for my 3 month follow up visit. How has it been 3 months?! (The real question is how has it already been 6 weeks since my last appointment because the 6 weeks after surgery dragged.) There has been a definite transition since the last time I saw Dr. I feel like I’m no longer “post-op” and now I’m pretty close to back to normal.

So I had an x-ray and doc said he couldn’t find the graft on the picture, which is a good sign at this point. If it starts to not heal well, there will be shadowing on the x-ray and we’ll know it’s not going to take. It can take up to a year for the graft to fully incorporate into the surrounding tissue, but we don’t have to baby the leg quite so much anymore.

So the good news:

  • I can start swimming again!
  • I can start using weight machines and soon will be able to do the stair machine and elliptical. (The elliptical was really hard for me after the initial injury, so this might be one of the last things I’ll try.)
  • I can ride my bike outside!
  • I can kneel on my leg! (Seriously, you don’t know how annoying it is to try to find something that might be under the bed until you can’t do it yourself.)
  • I have basically my full range of motion back!
  • I can walk upstairs like a normal person!

The okay news:

  • I can go back to work. This is just “ok” because of 2 things: 1.) I’m not going back to the Emergency Dept. yet. I’ll be doing telephone triage for our physician group. 2.) I’ll be working Monday-Friday 8-5. I have never worked this schedule before and it’s going to be a rough transition for me. One of the best parts of my normal job is the schedule, especially when it’s summer and Michigan-awesome outside.

I am seriously blown away by this whole process. 3 weeks ago I was just walking without crutches, and yesterday I did a big grocery trip to Meijer by myself. It’s amazing how much of a rehab real-life is. Each week is still bringing so much progress, I feel like I’m much further along than I was just 7 days ago.

Hubs is leaving me for 8 days to go to California, so it’ll be a week of eating cereal for dinner cooking for one. We’ll see where that adventure takes me.

PS- What do you think of my new layout? The picture at the top is quite literally the usual view from Bridge street, except normally there’s a dog waiting for some people food as soon as I walk out of the kitchen. ❤


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