A fresh start in time for spring…

Ben, Shadow, and I are snuggled up on the couch watching “Julie & Julia”. I always thought thiJulie_and_julias movie would be ultra-cheesy, but I actually am really enjoying it. (When did cheesy become a bad thing? Is cheese not, like, the greatest thing ever?)

Quick plot synopsis, just short of her 30th birthday, Julie, a cook in her spare time decides to cook her way through Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking. She blogs about it changes her life! She cooks lobster, beef feet, etc. All types of things I couldn’t dream of cooking because a.) I don’t care to try beef feet and b.) there’s lots of other delicious things to eat besides beef feet. Like, I dunno, cheese.

My old standby.

But it made me think about how finding recipes has changed. I have several cookbooks, but I am ashamed of how rarely I use them. For baked goods, I frequently use my Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook, but I have others that I’ve made maybe one recipe out of.

We received this as a wedding gift. It’s beautiful and so are the recipes.

What a waste! Such beautiful recipes that have never had the chance to be enjoyed. I will admit I’m an AllRecipes addict, I have the app on my phone, use it to make my shopping list…it’s painfully convenient. But, despite this, I’ve decided to give up online recipes. This means no more Pinterest recipes, no more AllRecipes, and no more google.

I’ll gladly post the recipe book that any recipes are from, and hopefully it will inspire you to go out and pick up a copy, or at least peruse the shelves at the book store.

This just came via UPS today! I’m so excited to dive into it. There’s some really great weeknight recipes inside.

I’m excited! (And now I get to go buy a cookbook stand, right?)

I’ll report back on the progress soon…



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