Housewarming in a Jar

Two of our closest friends, Kevin and Ashleigh bought a house last week and I am so excited for them! It’s completely adorable and I know that they’re going to make it into such a reflection of their style. It’s great to have 2 more friends to share the burden fun of owning a house.

When we bought our house, Ashleigh bought me a whole rubbermaid tote filled with cleaning supplies. It was such a fitting gift seeing as how I hate cleaning and don’t have a great stock of supplies that work well. It was really helpful to have all this stuff around when we were tearing up the house to get it ready to move in.

I wanted to do something equally helpful for her, so I thought back to all the little things we needed in those weeks of in-between. I also took to pinterest for some inspiration, of course. So, I went to the HouseHoldWords etsy store and bought one mailbox decal with their new address on it. From amazon, I got a glass canister to put all my little gifts in. This thing is huge! It will be the ultimate cookie jar for them. I put the decal on the canister and it was ready to fill!

I slowly collected things as I was out shopping. Of course, you could put whatever you wanted in it, but here’s a run-down of what I put in.

  • A happy housewarming card
  • Goo-gone to get the goo off all the pretty new things to be bought!
  • Painter’s tape for lots, and lots, and lots of painting.
  • A box cutter for moving boxes and opening new boxes.
  • Batteries. We seemed to need more batteries than ever when we moved. New remotes, appliances, etc.
  • A notepad for jotting down a list before you go to the hardware store. (Let’s face it: you’re going to make three trips anyway.)
  • Hand soap for washing off all the grime and paint before digging into the third night of take-out in a row.
  • Band-aids, for use with the box cutter.
  • Tylenol for sore backs, heads, and egos.
  • Two beers to enjoy once you’ve decided to throw in the towel and call a professional plumber.
  • A Lowe’s gift card.

I tied it all together with a patterned ribbon and it was all set to go! They had a whole group of friends and family over for an empty house party. Pizza, tours, and lawn chairs brought everyone to celebrate this wonderful occasion.

Congratulations, Kevin and Ashleigh! Enjoy making lots of memories in your new home.

Coming later this week…carrot cake muffins. See you then!


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